Our Fleet

At Parry & Evans, we have a recycling solution to meet your needs.

Our extensive fleet ranges from a Walking Floor service (for loose and mixed materials consisting of cardboard, paper or plastics) to smaller solutions such as Pallet Boxes (that easily segregate materials whilst being space efficient).

Offering delivery and collection services within the UK mainland for both full trailer loads and multi-drop consignments, we continually manage the necessary documentation and protocols required to transport goods throughout the UK and overseas for recycling including shipping, liaison with Local Authorities and tracking.

Check out our recycling solutions below or call us today to discuss your requirements.


Our Curtain Sider provides easy access for loading baled and palletised materials including carboard, paper, and plastic on-site. The perfect solution for customers who bale their own recycling material.

Size: Carries up to 44 bales


Similar to a Curtain Sider, this vehicle comes complete with a Fork Lift Truck and a trained driver to load the truck. This is ideal for companies that have no means of loading on-site themselves as it provides a fully comprehensive recycling collection and removal service.

Size: Carries up to 28 bales


Our Walking Floor service is for loose and mixed material consisting of cardboard, paper or plastic. The truck is loaded by a shovel or 360 on-site. This service is ideal for councils and large organisations with high bulk waste volumes.

Size: Carries up to 44 Tonne


Our Compactor Skip is a sealed unit, usually fed by a hopper or flow-feed system. A Compactor Skip increases volume capacity thus reducing the number of vehicle movements on-site.This is ideal for large companies with high volumes of loose paper, cardboard and plastic.

Size: L 6.1m W 2.4m H 2.51m
Estimated Weight: 3 Tonne


Our Rollonoff skip allows easy access with the open top. You are able to store loose cardboard, paper and plastic recycling material. Ideal for medium size factories/companies for bigger volumes of recycling. Our open bin vehicles are widely used in local commercial operations for the efficient removal of recyclable waste paper (green skip) or waste cardboard (red skip). The average bin has a capacity of approximately 13 cubic metres and is transported on a hook-lift vehicle of appropriate size.

40 Yard
Size: L 233cm W 90cm H 101cm
Estimated Weight: TBC 

20 Yard
Size: L 232cm W 90cm H 45cm
Estimated Weight: TBC


Our Pallet Boxes can be loaded with loose material including cardboard, paper and plastics. They provide the ability to easily segregate materials and can be simply stored and stacked for space efficiency.

Size: 610L (L 1,200cm W 1,000cm H 740cm) Weight 35kg
Estimated Weight: 300-500KG


Our Eurobin is a popular choice for companies who produce small volumes of paper/cardboard recycling. At Parry & Evans, we offer a weekly schedule exchange dependant on your needs to ensure your recycling runs seamlessly.

Size: 1100L
Estimated Weight: 50kg


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