With over 50 years’ experience in recycling management and practice, Parry & Evans firmly recognises the need to develop environmental excellence at the core of its professional activities.

We are committed to encouraging best practices for maximum recycling efficiency through regular training and educating all staff in environmental awareness. We further extend this awareness by advising clients on how to better manage their environmental risks and sustainability efforts whilst reducing costs.

Nearly all packaging material has value as recycled material and in order to help it remain a valuable resource for the economy, Parry & Evans works closely with local authorities, businesses and communities to ensure that all material is responsibly sourced and distributed across the supply chain. Responsible sourcing is embedded throughout our production and distribution procedures which are designed to optimise material recovery and reduce waste. In line with our corporate social responsibility and sustainability strategy, we have recently undertaken the following projects:

Invested in two new Tomra infra-red sorting systems which have increased energy efficiency and sorting capacity to remove and limit waste from recovered materials
Upgraded our entire fleet to MAN trucks with a Microlise system which allows us to monitor fuel efficiency and reduce emissions; these suppliers have been selected due to their ethical sourcing values
Invested in a new substation which will reduce our reliance on red diesel for our plant and machinery, thus reducing toxic emissions and increasing our use of renewable energy
Replaced our lighting with energy efficient LED light bulbs in line with the Carbon Trust requirements

At Parry & Evans we are continuously improving our processing systems for maximum efficiency and sustainability to ensure that we are the best choice for all of your waste management needs.

Environmental Legislation

As a professional recycling processor, we are fully aware of and scrupulously comply with all environmental legislation so that we may protect the environment and limit our impact upon it so far as reasonably practicable.

Such compliance is monitored through vigorous risk assessments and annual compliance audits to attain our international and national accreditations and permits:

The ISO 14001:2015 International Standard
The Environmental permit from Natural Resources Wales
Additional bespoke client audits

In addition, Parry & Evans maintains its own internal audits and compliance registers so that our clients can take comfort that all waste is disposed of in line with environmental legislation and our company’s policy on corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

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